Saturday, September 20, 2014

Street Style

Hope you girls are having a great weekend! Todays look is one of my all time favorites (besides a crop top high waist combo ;)! Distressed skinnies, a muscle tee and some edgy accessories!

I've definitely got my moneys worth out of these Schutz ankle strap sandals! 

(19 Weeks Pregnant)

Photos by SteadyJenny

Current Elliott Muscle Tee
Schutz Sandals
Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses
Hermes Cuff
Rag and Bone Fedora (similar HERE , affordable Version HERE)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Honeybee Health

And its Fridayyyyy! "Meme" is in town so we are soaking up all that grandma goodness while we can! Why is it always so much better when your mama comes to visit ?! ;) I get tons of requests for more food posts so i've been trying to post more on Instagram. It's so much easier/faster to share on there but I like to do these full posts on the blog so I can elaborate a little more. So here we go with some recent random Honeybee Health shots for ya....
I was left in charge of ordering "take out" so it was a vegetable crudite, kale salad, chicken lettuce cups and hummus and pita. The hubby was out of town so if I was ordering for him too there would have probably been a bison burger or something a little more manly ;) 

MAJOR popcorn cravings lately! 

This is the one I picked up from the grocery store and am obsessed!

On the last post I was talking about chips and salsa and said I would try to take a picture of my go to options for you. The above are from Whole Foods and the below are from Trader Joes. Both taste great and you can more per serving / calorie wise than the regular chips. A big bonus because if you're like me you know how addicting chips and salsa can be!

I used to bypass the smoothie/juice bar at the gym but lately I started getting a smoothie. My go to is just coconut water, vegan protein powder, strawberries and pineapple. Simple, satisfying and under 300 calories.
I am definitely a carb filled breakfast kind of girl. Its usually oatmeal, high fiber cereal, protein waffles or something like the above. Ezekial Raisin english muffin with a thin spread of peanut butter, half a banana, topped with some ground chia seeds and a little agave nectar. SO yummy!

I picked up this Greek Yogurt dressing I spotted at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago and it was a hit with the whole fam! Tastes great and is a perfect replacement for Ranch or other fatty dips. Ava loves it with her veggies. Only downside is it has a shorter shelf life so you need to use it within a couple weeks of opening.

Out to brunch with the fam at one of my favorite spots (Greenleaf in Costa Mesa) I decided to try something different. I cant even remember what the name of it was but it was amaze! its egg whites, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, onions... the list goes on. Super filling, tasty and healthy! Needless to say it was huge portion so I only ate about half. If you girls haven't been to Greenleaf, it's a must! 

Okay I talk a lot about food prepping and when I do it my lunches look like the above and the next two pics! I make a big batch of kale salad and some sort of whole grain to have on hand for the week. I try to switch up the lean protein so I don't get bored. The above are organic turkey burgers (by Applegate and purchased from Whole Foods). 

If I don't do prep for the week I will just buy a bigger portion than what I would normally make for a healthy dinner so i'm guaranteed to have leftovers. The above is grass fed Sirloin and peppers from fajitas  I made the night before. I do love red meat but always trying to stick to leaner cuts like Filet and Sirloin. I serve it up with my prepped veggies and whole grains.

and everyday I have to have (a few) sweets. I love these fudge bars from Whole Foods! They're only a hundred calories and taste like a frosty! Most of the time that satisfies the sweet tooth.

and then there are those days when you really just have to get down and don't look back lol. I had a MAJOR craving for a PB chip Sprinkles cupcake and was devastated when I called the store and found they didn't have PB flavor that day! #pregnantgirlproblems ;)
I had this box of Peanut butter cupcake mix by Archer Farms (I found from Target and was saving for a rainy day) and a can of Pilsbury chocolate icing and got to baking! Well I wouldn't recommend the PB cupcake mix because it wasn't that good and neither was the frosting (booooo) but leave it to Nutella to save the day! I put a few scoops of Nutella in a Ziploc bag and cut a small hole in the bottom corner (to make it come out looking so pretty) and frosted away! I tossed on some peanut butter cups from Whole Foods and we were in business! Needless to say I was in a cupcake coma!

It's all about a balance! I just try to eat pretty clean 80% of the time but definitely have to indulge too.  I hope this was helpful for you ladies and have a  great weekend!!


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